Bhama Ramkhelawon

Bhama Ramkhelawon is an assistant professor in the department of surgery and cell biology and the director of the vascular research program at New York University Langone Medical Center. She has held this position since 2016 and heads a team of scientists focused at understanding the physiopathology of complex life-threatening cardiovascular diseases.

Her research integrates the study of how imbalances in the immune response of the aortic wall can promote cardiovascular diseases. In particular, her work aims to identify the signals that dysregulate the immune system of the vasculature and to determine their role in promoting vascular diseases. Recently, her work has uncovered important crosstalk mechanisms between arterial macrophages and vascular cells thereby uncovering important pathological mechanisms that culminate in the destruction of the blood vessel wall leading to life-threatening aneurysm disease. She is now utilizing state-of-the-art gene therapy strategies to develop novel drug-based avenues to alleviate the burden of individuals with aneurysm disease.

She has published several landmark papers which have described the role of retention signals in regulating the traffic of immune cells in cardiovascular diseases. To date, she has published over thirty peer reviewed research articles that have appeared in journals including Nature Medicine, Nature Immunology and Nature Communications. Her research has been funded by the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health. She won numerous awards including Académie de Médecine excellence thesis prize, UNESCO/L’OREAL women in science international rising talent award and recently the American Heart Association early career investigator award. She has also participated to several events advocating for women in science.

She holds a Ph.D. in cardiovascular diseases from University Paris V/VII and was a post-doctoral fellow at New York University Langone Medical Center prior to her faculty appointment. She is native of Mauritius and is fluent in English, French, Creole, Hindi and speaks some Japanese.