Transatlantic Forum

Launched in 2017 with a focus on enriching the transatlantic relationship, the Transatlantic Forum is the newest initiative of the French-American Foundation.


The mission of the Transatlantic Forum is twofold:

  • to bring together a carefully selected group of well-networked professionals already established in their careers to engage in frank discussion on issues of common concern—politics, innovation, culture, current events, among others, and
  • to build lasting friendships between its members.


“We aim to gain a deeper understanding of what shapes both American and French societies by fostering ideas from our leaders who have successfully straddled the continental divide.  The goal is to create a more unified and effective transatlantic network, better serve society, and improve upon our working, functional democracy.”

Events are open to members only. For more information please contact Emeline Foster, Executive Director, at [email protected].


The French-American Foundation is happy to exchange with potential sponsors about partnership opportunities. For more information, please contact Emeline Foster at [email protected].


Our Members