Membership and Application


Members are invited to join the Forum for the annual fee of $500.

Click here to pay your membership dues.

Please note: Annual dues are billed on a rolling basis. Annual dues cover goods and services provided by the French-American Foundation; they are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution. The French-American Foundation reserves the right to suspend the privileges of a member in default for more than sixty days.

Annual membership benefits include:

  • Invitation to Transatlantic Forum private meetings.
  • Invitation to at least two policy breakfasts.
  • Preferential pricing to attend the Foundation’s annual Gala.
  • Privileged access to Young Leaders, Board Members and other high-profile constituents of the French-American Foundation.

The Foundation reserves the right to suspend the membership privileges of a member who misses three monthly Transatlantic Forum meetings in a row.

Application Process

Candidates interested in joining the French-American Foundation Transatlantic Forum must submit a resume or bio and be sponsored by a member of the Forum. Following the submission of these documents, candidates must schedule an in-person meeting with a Foundation staff member.

Non-sponsored candidates interested in joining the Transatlantic Forum should contact Cindy Klarwasser at to review their candidacy on a case by case basis. Non-sponsored candidates will be required to interview with a Foundation staff member and one or two current Transatlantic Forum members.

Selection Process

The French-American Foundation will review applications and inform candidates of the decision regarding their membership status.

Please note: Membership in the French-American Foundation’s Transatlantic Forum does not influence a candidate’s application to the Young Leaders program. Although members of the Forum may apply and be accepted to the Young Leaders program, the admissions processes are not linked. Participation in one does not guarantee access to the other.


For more information please contact Cindy Klarwasser at