Policy Breakfasts

Bringing leaders together to discuss economic, social and political topics.

The French-American Foundation’s Policy Breakfasts represent another intent to bring the leaders of the world together to discuss economic, social and political topics with a guest of honor. The participants include 10 to 15 high profile professionals (CEO of Banks, Founders of Hedge Funds, philanthropists and Young Leaders of the Foundation). The Breakfasts usually start between 7:30am and 8:00am and last around an hour, during which the guest of honor shares her or his view on a specific topic, followed by questions and remarks by the participants.

Some of the guests of honor of previous Breakfasts include former Young Leaders and current President of France, Emmanuel Macron, Economist and New York Times’ Columnist Paul Krugman and the Ambassador of France to the United States Gérard Araud.

For more information please contact Irene Savvas, Director of Outreach at [email protected].

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