Cyber Security

Examining cyber security challenges in a transatlantic context

Cyber Security

The French-American Foundation has organized a variety of programs to facilitate an ongoing exchange of ideas, experience, and approaches to foreign and security policy. These programs have forged working relationships between military, government and corporate leaders on both sides of the Atlantic that form an effective partnership to face threats to security and stability worldwide.

In recent years, through its Cyber Security Conference, the French-American Foundation has examined emerging cyber security challenges in a transatlantic context. This initiative builds on the earlier work of the French-American Defense Symposia (1996-2013), which provided a unique forum for senior military and government leaders to discuss key defense issues.

The French-American Foundation’s Cyber Security forums have met with great success: participants have included senior military officers, representatives of the White House, the Office of the French Prime Minister, and other key governmental officials, technology company CEOs, and academics of the highest caliber.

This year’s program (September 25 and 26, 2018), titled “Cyber Security and Digital Identity,” discussed the balance between ensuring security in cyberspace and protecting personal information and privacy. Through a series of panel and group discussions, this two-day seminar addressed topics from French and American cyber security priorities to anonymity online.

French and American Cyber Security Policy

France and the United State are deeply committed to address the numerous issues raised by cyber activity. In February 2018, United States and France strengthened their relationship on Cyber Policy during a government cyber bilateral dialogue to further deepened their joint commitment to an open and secure cyberspace.

The White House recently unveiled its national cybersecurity strategy outlining Trump administration priorities and efforts to harden federal cybersecurity.

France’s national cyber security policy is based on the Revue stratégique de défense et de sécurité nationale 2017. In February 2018, the French administration published an additional white paper on the subject, la Revue stratégique de cyberdéfense. Within the European Union, France defends an ambitious vision aiming at insuring the strategic stability and international security in cyber space.

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