Official rules

The official rules for the French-American Foundation and Florence Gould Foundation Annual Translation Prize.


  • The French-American Foundation and Florence Gould Foundation award two annual prizes, one in fiction, and one in nonfiction.
  • The prizes are for outstanding published English translations of prose originally written in French.
  • Each winning translator is the sole recipient of the $10,000 prize. It is at the Jury’s discretion to split the prize between two winning translators in a specific category.
  • Prize money will be bestowed at an Awards Ceremony in the spring or summer of 2021, either in person or online, depending on the trajectory of Covid-19. In the event that the winning translator cannot participate in the ceremony, the Foundation reserves the right to give the prize to a second choice finalist who is able to attend and promote the evening.
  • Translators who have won in previous years must wait at least three years to be eligible to win again in the same category.
  • The Translation Prize cannot be won more than three times in a lifetime by the same translator for either category.
  • It is at the Jury’s discretion to award an Honorary Prize, including to translators who may have won the Translation Prize three times. There is no monetary component to the Honorary Prize.


  • Translations for consideration for the 34th Annual Translation Prize must have been published for the first time in the United States between January 1 and December 31, 2020.
  • Only book-length translations will be accepted.
  • All categories of fiction and non-fiction works are eligible, with the exception of poetry, technical, scientific and reference works, graphic novels, and children’s literature.
  • Self-published books and reprints are not eligible.
  • Although all eligible books must have been published in the United States, translators may be of any nationality.
  • Works representing a collaboration by two translators are eligible, but anthologies in which an editor has collected the work of a number of translators will not be considered.
  • For works selected as finalists, it is the responsibility of the submitting party to provide the French-American Foundation with an appropriate number of hard copies of the French and English versions in a timely manner.
  • Submissions that fail to meet these criteria will be removed from consideration.

For more information, please contact Katie DeMallie at [email protected].