Jump Starting the Economy After COVID-19

July 16, 2020

Local and National Concerns: Jump Starting the Economy After COVID-19, July 2, 2020

The French-American Foundation hosted a Young Leaders Perspectives webinar to discuss boosting the economy after the fallout from COVID-19. The event featured Jason El Koubi (American Young Leader ’17) and David Vaillant (French Young Leader ’17).

The speakers began with an explanation of why countries have experienced different degrees of economic fallout since the start of the pandemic. Jason and David examined who has been the most severely impacted, what steps governments have taken to respond to those challenges so far, and how a second lockdown might impact the economy.

Additional topics addressed by the speakers included an examination of the recent trends in unemployment, the ways in which the federal governments in the US and France could improve management of the economic crisis moving forward, and the need to jump start the economy with minimal impact on the environment.

The French-American Foundation developed this webinar initiative to continue our mission of encouraging transatlantic dialogue while prioritizing the health and safety of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our webinars take place throughout the month.

Watch the Webinar