The Challenges Facing Manhattan During Covid-19

October 1, 2020

What are the Biggest Challenges Facing Manhattan in 2020?, September 22, 2020

The French-American Foundation hosted a Zoom webinar to discuss the greatest challenges facing Manhattan in the context of Covid-19. The event featured guest speaker Gala Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, and moderator Simon Tafoya, Young Leader ’18 and Managing Director at PayIt.

The event began with an overview of the borough-specific concerns in Manhattan. These concerns included the impacts of shelter-in-place orders on the business community, the effects of working from home on Midtown (where many had worked prior to the pandemic), and efforts to maintain an accurate census report now that many have left Manhattan since the onset of the crisis.

In addition, the speakers addressed the borough’s attempts to respond to these challenges as the pandemic continues, from broadening access to Wi-Fi to incorporating greater opportunities for outdoor activities to slow the spread of the virus. Speakers also examined the coordination among NYC boroughs and between the Mayor’s office and the state of New York.

The French-American Foundation developed this webinar initiative to continue our mission of encouraging transatlantic dialogue while prioritizing the health and safety of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our webinars take place throughout the month.

Watch the Webinar