Simon Tafoya

Professional Biography:

Simon Tafoya is a Managing Director at PayIt, a payments platform designed for public services. Previously, he served as Senior Director for Policy and Federal Relations for Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado. Simon joined the office of Governor Hickenlooper in 2012, where he led efforts from the Governor’s office on economic development, technology, telecommunications and cybersecurity, among other issues. Simon’s previous work includes serving as legislative staff in Washington D.C. for the office of Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and later in the office of Senator Mark Udall of Colorado. He received his Bachelors of Arts from Colorado College and a Masters of Public Affairs and Urban and Regional Planning from Princeton University.

Personal Biography:

I was born and raised as the youngest of seven children in Pueblo, Colorado. I am the son of steelworker and a homemaker and found great interest in public service from a young age, originally wanting to be a judge when I grew up. In undergraduate, I focused my studies on policy development and the connection of global politics and economics to the life I grew up in. I then studied public policy in graduate school to better understand how to shape and influence policy and policy makers. Over the last decade, I have also worked to support leadership in the Latino community through the Congressional Hispanic Staff Association, the Latino Leadership Institute and in alumni circles at Colorado College and Princeton University. I remain close with my family and enjoy dancing, good music and good company.