2013 – 2012 Fellows

2013 Fellows

Amy Bracken

The human impact of detaining more than 10,000 asylum seekers in the United States every year.


Annie Correal

The lives of “disaster migrants” who trail natural and manmade disasters like oil spills and chemical leaks.

Maïa de La Baume & Stefania Rousselle

The fate of Senegalese women whose husbands have disappeared at sea.

Stefania Rousselle

David Dieudonné

The French and American models of integration and the experiences of Algerians who migrate to each country.

Ian Gordon

The trauma endured by children during and after their experiences crossing into the border of the United States.

Damaso Reyes

The experiences of Europeans of Turkish descent who return to Turkey for better prospects.

Bill Wheeler

The lessons learned from Ecuador’s open-border policy.


2012 Fellows

James Angelos

The rise in anti-immigrant sentiment in Greece, GlobalPost.

Kim Badawi

The Chinese community in Cairo, Egypt.

Santorri Chamley

Undocumented workers in France, africa.com.

Daniel Denvir & Zoe Strauss

Immigrant communities in deindustrialized America, The Philadelphia City Paper.

Moise Gomis

French migrant workers.

Burt Hubbard

Disparities between races in the United States, Colorado Public Radio.

Joseph Kolb

PTSD among immigrant students from Ciudad Juarez, Catholic News Service.

Adriana Marcolini

Highly skilled professionals migrating to Brazil.

  • “Flying South,” Brazil in Focus, February 25, 2013

Marine Olivesi

The Arab Spring and its impact on migration trends in Africa.

Sam Quinones

Zapotec Indian migrants and their struggles with tradition, Los Angeles Times.

Omar Sacirbey

Muslim immigrant communities in the U.S.