The Chinese Economy & the Middle Class

February 22, 2019

Transatlantic Forum: “Shared Experiences & Perspectives on China” on February 13, 2019

The French-American Foundation welcomed Alexandre Chenesseau, business leader experienced in China-related affairs, and Scott Moskowitz, New York-based sociologist and PhD candidate at Princeton University. The two speakers shared their experiences and perspectives on China’s social and economic development with members of the forum.

Scott Moskowitz, whose research focuses on the intersection of consumption, identity, and politics in the development of the Chinese Middle Class, started the discussion by addressing questions such as: What is the scale of Chinese “middle class” and what does the middle class aspire to? Scott then explained the most recent shifts, and how the promised “Chinese dream” has been undermined by the slowdown of the Chinese economy.

To put in perspective the challenges the Chinese economy is facing today, Alexandre Chenesseau led a conversation on the economic and social reforms brought by Xi Jinping since his election in 2013. For instance, he talked about the way doing business in China has evolved, noted the increasing dependency between the US and the Chinese economies and financial systems, and addressed the need for further reforms on both sides to deal with rising concerns.

Our speakers answered questions from Forum members that led to a lively discussion, from topics such as the impact of growing consumption in China on the environment to the state of technological development in the country.

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