June 25th, 2013

Media Coverage of Immigration - Luncheon with Jim Avila

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Jonathan Barzilay, Director of the Freedom of Expression Unit at Ford Foundation, welcomes attendees
Jim Avila, Senior National Correspondent for ABC News and White House Correspondent for Fusion, delivers keynote remarks on the role of the media in shaping immigration debate
Jim Avila
2012 Immigration Journalism Fellow Daniel Denvir shares his insights from his experiences reporting on the role of immigrants in deindustrialized American cities
Panel discussion with French-American Foundation President Charles Kolb; James Graff, Executive Editor of the Week; Jim Avila; and Daniel Denvir, The Philadelphia City Paper
Panel Discussion
2012 Immigration Journalism Award recipient Maria Hinojosa of the Futuro Media Group responds to the panel discussion and shares her thoughts on the experience of immigrants in the United States and the way media representations affect that experience