First Bilingual Education Fair of New York

In New York City’s public school system, dual-language programs are booming. The French-American Foundation and French Morning will host the first fair with conferences, keynote speeches, and expositions to showcase trends and o…

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Young Leaders 2014

This summer, the French-American Foundations in the United States and France announced their new classes of Young Leaders, comprising emerging leaders in a wide range of professional fields, from business to diplomacy, technology…

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Remembering World War I

On October 24, the French-American Foundation will welcome Dr. Jay M. Winter and representatives from the Mémorial de Verdun for a centennial discussion on the lasting impacts of the Great War and the importance of memory and com…

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First Bilingual Education Fair of New York Young Leaders 2014 Remembering World War I

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La Pléiade and The Library of America: Gatekeepers of the literary heritage in France and the United States
November 14, 2014

In 1931, editor Jacques Schiffrin created La Bibliothèque de la Pléiade with the aim of providing the public with reference editions of the complete works of classic authors in an elegant pocket format. Today, the Bibliothèque…

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Remembering World War I
October 24, 2014

In 1914, one man’s assassination set off a series of events that would draw forth mounting tensions throughout Europe and the greater world. In a world in which everyday existence had already been revolutionized by the fast emer…

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International Working Group on Cyber Security and the Law
October 14, 2014

The French-American Foundation, with offices in the United States and France, is organizing a closed-door forum on cyber security and the growing worldwide challenge of cyber crime. Under the patronage of INTERPOL and the French M…

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First Bilingual Education Fair of New York
October 11, 2014

In New York City’s public school system, dual-language programs are booming. More and more parents understand the benefits of a bilingual education for their children. To help families to discover all aspects of bilingualism, th…

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Young Leaders Annual Meeting
October 8, 2014

The 2014 Class of Young Leaders will meet with returning participants for the annual meeting, scheduled to be held in Paris and Bordeaux, France.The 2014 Young Leaders meeting will take place on October 8-12, 2014 in Paris and Bor…

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Foundation News

Chapin to serve as acting president

Foundation Chairman Allan Chapin, Compass Advisers, will serve as acting president while the Foundation conducts a national search to replace Charles Kolb, who left the Foundation this summer after serving the organization since 2012.

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Partner News

New York Saved Coco Chanel

Join our friends at the Museum of the City of New York Friday, September 30, for a discussion with Rhonda Garelick author of MADEMOISELLE: Coco Chanel and the Pulse of History and New Yorker author Judith Thurman.

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