Intro to the French-American Foundation

March 4, 2022

The French-American Foundation works to strengthen the relationship between France and the United States at leadership levels. Through a series of initiatives, we bring together experts and changemakers to discuss the most pressing concerns in transatlantic affairs. Our programs include:

Our initiatives create spaces for leaders in policy, business, academia, the military, and the arts to engage in frank and open dialogue. In 2019, we’ve welcomed political strategists, cyber security experts, climate change specialists, business executives, and journalists, among many more, into our growing community. Please visit our program calendar for a full list of activities this year.

The video to the right of the page features testimonials from Young Leaders, Transatlantic Forum members, and Board members about why they joined the Foundation and why they’ve remained engaged. Many have become involved with Foundation’s network beyond their primary program.

The video was initially aired at our 2019 Gala, where we honored three exceptional individuals for leadership in their respective fields.

Learn more about the Gala