Yoann Mulot

Yoann Mulot is a lieutenant-colonel in the Army. At 39, he is the head of the operations division of the Army special forces command.

With an early career as a high-level athlete on the French national judo team, Yoann joined the army and rose through the ranks internally, on merit. He graduated top of his cohort from the École militaire interarmes at the Saint-Cyr military academy in 2011, from the École de guerre in 2024. In 2023, he was selected to participate in a program focusing on deepening the understanding of transatlantic relations.

His operational experience, marked by a unique intensity, has seen him leading special operations in major battles against terrorism since 2015. Today, he designs the operational doctrine for the Army special forces in new conflict zones, integrating cyberspace, informational fields, and partnerships with allied countries for the next decade.

A man of conviction, he is personally invested in strengthening ties between armed forces and citizens, particularly through youth commitment. He also works towards bridging the gap between civilian and military leaders for the development of sovereign technologies within the association La Place Stratégique.

Married and a father of three, Yoann Mulot embodies a spirit of service and a constant commitment to a shared future.