Sophie Adenot

Lcl Sophie Adenot, 38 years old, is a French air force officer and the first French Woman helicopter experimental test pilot. Since 2019, she works for the French Defense Procurement agency, within the flight test center.

Having studied aeronautics and astronautics at SUPAERO and MIT, her first job after graduating was at Airbus Helicopters, where she worked on the H225 cockpit in the design office. After a year, she applied to the French Air Force and expressed a keen desire to pilot helicopters.

She performed CSAR (combat Search and Rescue) missions, had 2 tours in Afghanistan on the Caracal and finally flew VIP missions for top political officials in Villacoublay. After applying to be a test pilot, she went to the Empire Test Pilots’ School (ETPS) in the UK where she received her diploma and the Mc Kenna Trophy.

Sophie supports the OSE l‘ISAE program to promote higher education for undeprivileged high school students, taking part in several public actions with schools.