Sofiane Bendifallah

Sofiane Bendifallah, MD, PhD, is a Professor of Gynecology-Obstetrics at Sorbonne University. He is a gynecologist surgeon and a university hospital doctor. In his role as a university hospital doctor, he covers three main areas: care, teaching, and research. His main clinical concentration is the management of complex surgical forms. He performs surgeries of recourse for serious pathologies or of significant surgical complexity. The field of women’s health has been neglected for a long time. He has chosen to focus his research on precision medicine because he believes that personalized, preventive, predictive, participatory, prognostic, and multidisciplinary medicine is the future for solving women’s health challenges. To date, he has published about 250 scientific works related to women’s health issues.

Finally, as an academic, Dr. Bendifallah has a training mission. He is a teacher at Sorbonne University where he is responsible for the teaching department of gynecology-obstetrics. He also carries out various teaching activities within university diplomas and Masters. He supervises doctoral students in medicine, Master’s degrees, and on science theses. This global operation allows Dr. Bendifallah to identify shortcomings in the medical care of patients, to contribute through his research work to develop solutions or innovations, and to continue to train the gynecologists of tomorrow.