Pierre Dubuc

Pierre Dubuc has been working on creating the education of tomorrow for the past 20 years, creating his first-ever online course in 1999, at age 11. Pierre Dubuc is on a mission: make education more accessible. He is now the CEO of OpenClassrooms, the platform he co-founded in Paris with Mathieu Nebra, now powering 500+ courses and 50+ fully certified diplomas.

The company has 200 employees and a faculty of  1500 mentors training 2 million students a month across 140 countries. The curriculum is designed to teach the skills and competencies needed for the most in-demand jobs in the market today. That includes programs in areas such as web development, data analysis, and design. The company is now an active partner of many major international companies to help them forward their digital and industrial transformation, through upskilling, reskilling and recruitment programs. By 2025 it should place one million degree students in the workforce every year.

In 2016, Pierre appeared among Forbes “30 under 30” for social entrepreneurship.