Nicolas Hazard

Nicolas Hazard is a serial entrepreneur

He is the founder of INCO, a global organization for a new economy, inclusive and sustainable.

By working in 20+ countries on 4 main activities: investment fund (+100M€ under management), incubation programs (500 startups supported), workforce development (350 unemployed people trained) and media (5+M people inspired) >> INCO creates economic opportunities for ALL.

Nicolas has created Calso Inc., a social enterprise operating in California and Texas. His objective is to develop the French social know-how in the United States, particularly through the creation of social enterprises in the Silicon Valley. Thus, he launched a company, in partnership with Google and Ebay, which trains and recruits disadvantaged youth in the Bay area and a program to help veterans transition to the civilian work, by providing them with training and employment opportunities in the commercial drone industry.

Nicolas Hazard organizes each year the event IMPACT², the “Davos” of social entrepreneurship, which annually brings together nearly 1,500 political and economic decision-makers from 50 countries at Paris City Hall.

Nicolas has been elected Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum (2015), by the French-American Foundation (2016) and the Franco-British Council (2017). He is also the President of the Strategic Council of the City of Paris and the author of several books and publications about the new economy (The Guardian, Le Monde, Stanford Innovation Review)