Nicolas Escoulan

Nicolas Escoulan is the Managing Editor of the national radio Europe 1

Graduated of CFJ (Centre de Formation des Journalistes – Paris) after studying law , Nicolas Escoulan integrates TF1 (French national TV) in 1999 as Junior Correspondent in the London office. He returns to Paris in 2001 working successively in the Economics Service and the Foreign Service as Senior Reporter. In 2007 he was appointed to the TF1 Political Department in charge of the French Presidency (Elysée) before leaving in 2008 to join Canal + and make reports for Dimanche + (the weekly political program). In 2011, he produced for Canal + «One year with DSK «, an exclusive documentary about Dominique Strass-Kahn.

In June 2011, Nicolas Escoulan became the editor of the Grand Journal, the main talk show of Canal +, presented by Michel Denisot.

In May 2013, he joined the national radio Europe 1 as Deputy Managing Editor to rethink the information slots.

He was appointed Managing Editor a year later.