Najoua Arduini El Atfani 

Najoua Arduini-El Atfani has been working for VINCI since 2005 after completing a Master of engineering studies at ESTP in Paris, France (Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics de Paris)

Najou El Atfani

She is currently employed by VINCI in charge of business development of a deconstruction and asbestos removal specialized subsidiary.

Both her technical and commercial experiences throughout the years have allowed Najoua to build a strong cross-functional experience in a large international corporation.
Coupled with her professional position, Najoua has been a proud member of Club du XXIe Siècle since 2007, administrator since 2012, and President since February 2014.
The Club du XXIe Siècle is a non-partisan association faithful to republican principles, whose ambition is to strive for French social unity and to take tangible actions for promoting cultural diversity and equal opportunity. In order to achieve this, the Club puts in place several actions in France but also outside. The organization has worked to create and tighten connections between various cultures, locally and internationally through Initiatives such as the FCL (France China Leaders), FED (Diversity European Program) and YML (Young Mediterranean Leaders), which were rolled out to facilitate open dialogue between the leaders of tomorrow and create a solid link between individuals.