Myrto Tripathi

Myrto was born and raised in Paris, where she now works and resides

She comes from a multicultural family (Indo-Greek), lived in a number of different European countries before high school, and still travels extensively worldwide for personal and professional reasons. For Myrto, international travel and exchange remain a deep-set interest and a common trend in all areas of her life. However, it is with the United States that her relationship has been the longest and the most personally committed and where she has spent the longest time outside of her own country.

She holds a bachelor of science degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC) – class of 2000, followed by a Business Management degree from the Ecole HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Paris) where she specialized in Entrepreneurship – class of 2003. Her four years of college in the United States were a marvelous experience and were her first significant step towards adulthood. Achieving autonomy in a country that was not her own was an interesting exercise that forced her to search for and find the similarities in values between the American and French cultures and led her to systematically challenge one with the other, reinforcing her understanding and attachment to both of them.

After graduating from HEC, she started at AREVA, a supplier to the global nuclear industry, where she still works today. Myrto has held different positions at AREVA, from an advisor to the head of the Mining, Chemistry and Enrichment divisions to the lead negotiator of the nuclear fuel products and services to India. Today, she is the offer director for the sale of the EPR™, France’s third generation nuclear reactor, to Sweden. This year will have a special flavor to it as she will also study, in parallel to her professional activities, at the French Institute of Higher Studies of National Defense.

Finally, starting in her university years (where she laid the foundation for a student association called Engineers Without Borders – since then absorbed under EWB-US) to the present day, she has been keenly interested in international development and environmental endeavors and has also been involved in non-profit organizations.