Michael Woo

Mr. Michael Woo served as Dean of the College of Environmental Design at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, for 10 years (and after retiring in 2019, holds the title of Dean Emeritus).

In his earlier career, Woo was the first trained urban planner and the first Asian American to be elected to the Los Angeles City Council. He gave up his City Council seat to run for Mayor of Los Angeles in 1993; from an original field of 24 candidates, he was one of the top two finalists, eventually winning 46 percent of the citywide vote. During the Clinton Administration, Woo was appointed the Western States Director of the Corporation for National Service, the federal agency that runs AmeriCorps, VISTA, and other national service programs.

He serves on the boards of the California Chapter of the Nature Conservancy and the Save the Redwoods League. He will also teach a seminar at Cal Poly Pomona on housing insecurity and social justice.