Maura Sullivan

Maura Sullivan is currently Managing Director for Applied AI at Applied Materials, a global leader for materials engineering solutions. Maura was the co-founder and COO of Fathom5, developing secure analytics for industrial applications. Prior to that, she was the Chief of Strategy and Innovation at the US Department of the Navy. She was responsible for defining the future of the Navy enterprise and developing the innovation, workforce, and information strategy to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies, including AI, additive manufacturing, and augmented reality.

Maura started her career at the global catastrophe risk company, RMS, leading the development of models and software for managing complex systemic risks in life and health markets. She specialized in quantifying the financial impact of excess mortality from catastrophic events, such as pandemics, terrorism and natural catastrophes and step changes in longevity.

Maura is active in community activities related to emergency and disaster response. She is a canine search and rescue handler specializing in wilderness rescue for the California Rescue Dog Association and Yosemite National Park. She was a White House Fellow, has a Ph.D. in epidemiology from Emory University, and a B.S and M.S. in earth systems from Stanford University focused in energy engineering and climate modeling.