Julien Aubert

Born in Marseille, Julien completed his studies at the National School of Administration (ENA), Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) and Sciences Po Paris

As a judge at the Court of Auditors, he was in charge of economic affairs and control of the Ministry of Finance in the first Chamber of the Court for five years. Specifically, he coordinated the report to Parliament on conditions of implementation of the Postal Bank (2009) and acted as a member of the External Board of Auditors at the United Nations (2004-2009).

In 2009, he joined the Interministerial Mission of the Union for the Mediterranean, where he focused on economic affairs and project financing at the Presidency of the French Republic. He then created le Fonds d’amorçage, de réalisation et d’orientation (FARO)—a financial support fund for entrepreneurs—and launched a series of Inter-Mediterranean Economic Meetings (For’UM).

Elected to the Parliament for the Vaucluse (South of France) in June 2012, Julien became a member of the Committee for Sustainable Development and Planning; in July of that same year, he was charged with a mission on radioactive waste, and in December became co-chairman of the Committee Energies study, along with Socialist Member of Parliament David Habib.

Julien is Vice President of Internet Studies and Shale Gas Committees, and member of the Ecological Transition Council. He is currently running for mayor of Carpentras (Vaucluse); the election will take place in March 2014.