Jesus Salazar

Jesus Salazar is the Co-founder, President, and CEO of Prosono, a consulting firm that helps organizations to align their strategies, people, and systems for the rapidly changing future and leverages is success as a business to drive positive community impact

Throughout his career, Jesus has developed, architected, managed, and serviced various large projects for customers such as Yamaha, Blockbuster,, Intertel, Frontier Airlines, Chipotle, UDR, Interstate Batteries, Microsoft, CoBank, Duke Energy, GameStop and others.

In addition to his professional career, Jesus Salazar is heavily involved in education reform and economic development within Colorado. In 2009, at the request of Lt. Governor Barbara O’Brien, he co-chaired the “Turning Around Struggling Schools” sub-committee for Colorado’s Race to the Top application in hopes of being awarded 300-500 million dollars to apply towards innovative education reform. Jesus also is the co-chair of A+ Colorado, a not-for-profit civic organization founded by Federico Pena to help Colorado transform its public school districts into the best in the country. Jesus also sits on the board of Colorado Succeeds, a group of local business leaders, who have joined forces to make sure our education system works better and smarter for all the people of Colorado. Jesus also sits on the board of the Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting System, whose mission is to enrich the lives of Coloradans through engaging and essential programs, services and community partnerships that inform, enlighten and entertain.

Jesus is married to Kaylee and has two hairy, four-legged children. When not working to building his dream company, he is most likely working on education related issues. Jesus believes that poverty is the root cause of most of our social challenges and educational equity is the best way to break the cycle that many families are stuck in.

Jesus is an avid backpacker and loves exploring the wonderful outdoors every chance he gets.