Jean de Monicault

Jean de Monicault was born in 1974, commissioned from Saint-Cyr and is currently serving with the French Foreign Legion

The majority of his operational carrier has occurred during his time with 2eme régiment étranger de parachutistes (2REP) based in Calvi, Corsica. It is here where he has served with unrelenting quality as a platoon commander in a combat company, platoon commander of the Pathfinder platoon, company commander and finally as commander of the operations and instruction desk in Regimental Headquarters.

After successfully passing the competitive exams at Staff College in 2007 he completed a year of training at HEC Paris where he graduated with a MBA. In September 2009, he enrolled with the Joint Services College of Defence where he gained a diploma in advanced military studies.

On leaving Staff College he was sent on detachment to the Secretary General of the government at Matignon where managed the relationship of intra-governmental affairs.

Following this posting, he served six months in Afghanistan as a military assistant to the General Commandant of Task Force Lafayette then later to Army Headquarters where he led the amalgamation of different departments of the Ministère de la Défense.

Since the summer of 2014, he has been working as the speechwriter for France’s Chief of the Defence Staff, concentrating on strategic affairs.

Outside of his operational experience in Afghanistan, he has also served in other operational theatres, principally in Africa, including Mali, The Ivory Coast, Chad, Gabon and Djibouti. Looking further field he has also taken part in operations in Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Macedonia.

A running, parachuting and scuba diving enthusiast. He has run the Millau 100km ultra marathon as well as several Paris marathons.

Lieutenant Colonel de Monicault is married with four children.