Jean-Christophe Lambert

Jean-Christophe holds an engineering degree and a joint Master’s in Business and Project Management from HEC & ISAE Supaero. He has more than 12 years’ experience in the aerospace and defence industries, including 9 years at Airbus, in business development and as a Bid Manager, Team Manager and Chief of staff before becoming fully involved in the development of sustainable aviation. In 2014 he joined the E-Fan team to lead the historic Channel crossing project and was then appointed as E-Fan 2.0 Programme Manager. It
made him aware of the impact of electric and hybrid technologies in aviation and the scale of the challenges to be met on all issues related to their certification, industrialization and sales.

Jean-Christophe has been the CEO of Ascendance Flight Technologies since 2018, developing solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable aviation including both eVTOL aircraft and hybrid-electric propulsion technologies.
He was recently awarded the High Five Award by the European CleanSky program, which recognizes 5 personalities in the aeronautics industry working to make the industry more sustainable.