Florian Delmas

Florian Delmas joined Andros straight out of his degree in agri-food engineering. “I knew next to nothing about the company or the industrial sector when I started working at Andros as a BtoB product manager in 2008.” Florian’s words are frank and direct. In keeping with the man himself. A man of the land, grandson of a livestock-dealer and farmer who raised local Aubrac cattle in Lozère, true to the values by which he was raised: authenticity, hard work, solidarity, complemented by a natural aptitude for leadership, visible from an early age. Character traits that would prove to be invaluable to a family-owned food company of international renown and presence. A fast-learner, Florian rose quickly through the ranks. He was named Director of R&D in 2011 and promoted to the role of Director of Industrial Products, Sourcing, and Primary Processing three years later. After cementing his understanding and competencies with an MBA at the prestigious HEC business school in 2016, Florian took the post of General Director of Andros France, spearheading the implementation an ambitious development strategy. Two years later, in June 2018, he was named CEO of the Andros Group.