Bobby Kasthuri

Bobby attended high school in Parsippany, NJ, where most of his non-studying time was divided between participating in the debate and tennis teams and religiously watching sitcoms

At Princeton, he double majored in molecular biology at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy; he later received a Rhodes Scholarship to complete his D.Phil. at Oxford University in Neurophysiology, recording electrical activity from neurons, and finished medical school at Washington University in St. Louis.

Upon completion of medical school, Bobby chose to enter a career in basic research rather than clinical medicine, and has since spent most of his scientific career pioneering new tools to better visualize connections between neurons in developing and adult mammalian brains. His focus has been in the emerging field of ‘connectomics’ – the attempt to detail every synaptic connection between all the neurons in entire brains. As visualizing synaptic connections requires nanometer resolution, Bobby has led the team developing tools for automating serial electron microscopy to provide high throughput nanoscale information over large volumes of biological tissue, routinely producing thousand-gigabyte datasets.

Bobby now spends his free time with his wife Elizabeth, entertaining and marveling at their two little brains: 5-year-old Oscar and 2-year-old Amelia.