Aurélie Mei-Hoa Beaumel

Aurélie Mei-Hoa BEAUMEL is Co-Owner and CEO of Business Interactive Games (BIG), a startup based in Austin (Texas) and Paris (France) combining cutting-edge computer science, strategy, and cognitive science to pioneer Computational Strategy and Decision Games

BIG creates new ideas and technology for senior leaders and leading international organizations to enhance their decision making capabilities on key topics including Cyber Security, Consumer Insights, and Pricing. Previously, she worked at global strategy consultancy BCG across North America and Europe.

Aurélie is also passionate about long-distance outdoors challenges and Nature. She has completed marathons in Greenland, 800km dogsled expedition in arctic Lapland, 1000km horse trek in the Namib desert, and scuba-dived with wild sharks in Cocos Island.

She graduated from Stanford University with a Master and Bachelor of Science with Honors in Symbolic Systems (Cognitive Science) and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. As a student violinist, she performed at the Sydney Opera House with the Stanford Symphony Orchestra. She was born in Jakarta and has lived in Indonesia, Reunion Island, Silicon Valley, New York, and Oslo.

She currently resides in Paris.