Augustin Paluel-Marmont

1989: In the back of a classroom and by a stroke of luck, Caliph Michel (the only one in that school) was seated next to Vizir Augustin (who also was the only one there)

2003: Michel and Augustin traveled the streets of Paris to visit the 1263 bakeries of the capital. They tasted 1432 baguettes and 432 pains au chocolat. Great work: They wrote a Guidebook of Parisien Bakeries, published by the Editions de l’If.

8th of January 2005: The first little round and good biscuits are sold to a customer between 6:32 pm and 6:41 at Salah’s deli.

23rd, February 2005: It was raining in the rue Caulaincourt. We started door-todoor selling to convert nice shopkeepers to our little round and good biscuits. A few passers-bys even thought we were a pair of Jehovah’s witnesses. What a crazy world!

May 2008: What about a trip to the countryside to meet the cow itself? And guess what? Our cow was spawning milk! Back to Paris: from then on, in our kitchen you could find: 1 cow + 1 yoghurt maker + 47 experiments = 1 drinkable cow… Very quickly there was 7 cows in our creative meadow.

Summer 2008: a short trip to the orchards, and presto, a sudden craving for fresh mixed fruits all year long: pear, strawberry, then mango-passion fruit, and raspberry-apple.

October 2009: our cow was intoxicated by its success and fell into a jar. Presto 3 new secret recipes: plain and very good, strawberry-blueberry and vanilla from Madagascar.

3rd of June 2010: le 1st Cow bar of the world;) sets up in Paris.