Ariane Komorn

Ariane Komorn is the co-founder and CEO of La Solive, a mission-driven company that tackles one of the biggest challenges of energy transition: the massive shortage of skilled workers in building retrofit. Since 2021, La Solive has deployed reskilling programmes that have enabled over 700 people to start a new career in building retrofit. With great traction and very rapid growth, the company plans to train thousands of people every year across 12 campuses by 2026.

Before La Solive, Ariane was Director of engagement at La République En Marche, with the mission to make politics accessible to everyone. With her team, she created an online platform that sponsored 700 local projects, developed community organizing programs in poor areas, recruited and trained 1000 people with no political background to run for local government elections.

Prior to that, she managed strategy and transformation projects at McKinsey & Company in Europe and Africa.

Ariane holds degrees from the École Normale Supérieure, Sciences Po Paris, and also studied at Columbia University.

Beyond her professional career, Ariane has performed in theatre groups for years and is passionate about mountain sports. She is the mother of 2 young kids.