Alexandre Zapolsky

Alexander Zapolsky (born January, 28th, 1977) is the founder and CEO of LINAGORA

In just ten years, he imposed his company as a market leader in Open Source software publishing in France. Software developed by LINAGORA is used in the main French administrations.

In 2011, Alexandre Zapolsky is the first Open Source Software Company CEO to be elected to the Board of directors of Syntec NUMERIQUE, professional syndicate for French digital ecosystem. On this point, he is the co-chairman of the Open Source Software Committee of Syntec NUMERIQUE.

Alexandre Zapolsky represents the Syntec NUMERIQUE at the Permanent Assembly of MEDEF – the largest union of employers in France. He is also the president of the National Federation of Open Source Software Industry (FNILL) which brings together the professionals of Open Source Software in France. Alexander Zapolsky’s passion for open source is completed by some other interests and commitments. He is an active member of several circles and networks of entrepreneurs and business leaders (MEDEF, Syntec NUMERIQUE, IVY Club, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris). He participates in the work of the Fondation Télécom and is a member of the Advisory Board of Telecom Business School, he graduated from on 2000. Very grateful to his old school, Alexandre Zapolsky has agreed to sponsor the 2012-2015 class. He also supports different NGOs. For example, LINAGORA has created a secure website for Reporters without borders, to fight against censorship (

In 2011, Alexander Zapolsky attended the 8th session of the Cycle des Hautes Etudes pour le Développement Economique (CHEDE) under the patronage of the Ministers of Economy and Finances. This Postgraduate Graduate Studies addresses to business leaders, directors of administrations, journalists, trade unionists, researchers, Members of Parliament and so on. In November 2012, he was elected president of the Association of Alumni students of CHEDE. This association has 800 members.

Finally, Alexandre is a rugby fan. He supports Toulon Rugby Club since ever. He is very proud of his city of birth, Toulon, but it is also very attached to Tunisia, country of birth of his father, and Russia, the land of his ancestors.