Belle fin d’année

December 3, 2018

Support the Foundation

Dear All,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous community for the success of a wonderful year. We worked hard to develop forward-thinking events each month and a detailed plan for what’s to come in 2019. We thank our donors who have made this work possible and hope that you will all consider contributing, at the following link, to the financial support of the Foundation as part of our Year-End Appeal to maintain the caliber of our growing initiatives.

Thank you to our program participants, whose efforts throughout the year place the Foundation at the heart of consistent transatlantic dialogue among experts in government, industry, and the arts. A special thanks to the Young Leaders who remain a part of our regular activities and expand the scope of our impact. The Young Leaders program has been the force behind our work since its inception nearly 40 years ago. And an equally special thanks to our Transatlantic Forum members for their efforts to move the Foundation in new directions. You are now part of a larger community of French citizens in the United States with a passion for transatlantic relations and of Americans who contribute daily to advancing dialogue between our two countries.

Thank you to the exceptional speakers at our events; to FAF-France; to our Board of Directors, particularly the very active members of our Executive Committee; and to our Chairman Allan Chapin, whose guidance has carried the Foundation to where it is today.

2019 is already shaping up to be an exciting year. With a Policy Breakfast and Transatlantic Forum every month, a special event for women of the Foundation, Translation Prizes, Immigration Journalism Awards, multiple gatherings for our Young Leader alumni, a gala (save the date for June 2019, we have wonderful surprises in store), a cyber security conference, 11 new Young Leaders, dozens of new Transatlantic Forum members, and a Young Leaders seminar in the US…it will certainly be a busy year!

We rely on the financial support of our dedicated community to produce the programs we provide on a regular basis. We look forward to your contributions throughout the end of the year to foster our dynamic community of thinkers and changemakers. Click here to donate.

Lastly, Happy Holidays on behalf of everyone at the French-American Foundation. We’re looking forward to seeing you all at our Holiday Party on December 11!

A très bientôt,

Emeline and the FAF team