Transatlantic Forum: “Hyper-Partisan Conflict and American Elections”

September 18, 2018

The French-American Foundation Transatlantic Forum is designed to provide a regular opportunity to inform and promote frank discussion and debate on transatlantic issues of common concern. On the eve of the of the New York primary elections, Columbia University professor Bob Shapiro engaged the group in an interesting discussion on “Hyper-Partisan Conflict and American Elections.”

Following a brief historical analysis of the evolution of political parties in the U.S., professor Shapiro explained how the country arrived at the current state of hyper-partisanship, how it has nationalized politics, and how the election of the current president has opened the door to unconventional candidates for office.

Among other topics, he addressed the rise of economic nationalism in both the U.S. and Europe, the role of the media and the changes in technology which are rapidly transforming society and the political sphere.

He answered questions about the demographics that led to Donald Trump’s election; hot issues such as abortion, gun control, gay rights and immigration; the aftermath of the Obama presidency; Russian election interference, and the French elections and political scene in France.