Transatlantic Forum Dinner with Binkady-Emmanuel Hié

January 30, 2024

On January 30th, the French-American Foundation’s Transatlantic Forum was delighted to host an evening with Binkady-Emmanuel Hié at Vin-Sur-Vingt, Midtown. Binkady, known for his passionate advocacy in diversity, equity, and inclusion within the arts, shared his journey and insights, engaging members in a thought-provoking discussion.

The event was expertly moderated by Chloe Demrovsky, a valued member of the French-American Foundation’s Board and Executive Committee, and President and CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International. Her guidance ensured a dynamic and inclusive dialogue, enriching the evening’s discourse.

Binkady’s transition from a legal career to a staunch advocate in the creative industries, notably at the Paris Opera, marked a significant pivot in his professional journey. Motivated by a desire to foster inclusive discussions, he penned a manifesto in 2020 addressing disparities in representation and practices within such institutions. His innovative approach to gathering data, despite France’s restrictive laws, underscored a strategic and impactful advocacy.

Following his tenure at the Paris Opera, Binkady founded NORME, an agency committed to infusing diversity, equity, and inclusion into France’s creative sectors. Through a multifaceted approach involving consulting, management, and creative projects, NORME aims to initiate institutional change and support underrepresented artists.

The conversation also ventured into the broader challenges of broaching diversity in France, emphasizing the importance of language, perception, and the quest for meaningful progress. Binkady advocates for a holistic change that transcends cosmetic adjustments, aiming for a shift in legislation, numerical representation, and societal behaviors.

We are immensely grateful to Binkady for his enlightening presentation and to Chloe for her adept moderation, which contributed significantly to the success of the evening. This event exemplifies the Transatlantic Forum’s commitment to fostering meaningful discussions on pivotal issues, furthering our mission to bridge cultural and professional divides.

Our heartfelt thanks to all members and guests who participated, making the evening a memorable one. We eagerly anticipate continuing these vital conversations in our upcoming events.