Terry Redmile

September 13, 2013

Senior Manager - Michelin North America, Inc.


Terry Redmile

Terry is a Senior Manager with Michelin North America, Inc. and is currently serving as a Plant Manager at one of their manufacturing facilities.  Terry has served in a number of roles with Michelin starting as an Engineer and then progressing into manufacturing management.

While working in the Commercial Truck Tire Division, Terry developed a new position focused on rapidly leveraging manufacturing best practices across each of the division’s production facilities.  While in this role he also developed a major capital investment project to increase manufacturing capacity that supported Michelin’s bid to secure a U.S. Department of Defense Logistics Contract for ground based military vehicles.

Prior to his current role, he was the leader of one of Michelin’s largest tire production shops at the Ardmore, OK facility.  Terry has also had the opportunity to represent Michelin’s North American zone on several multi-national programs including participation on a team charged to develop strategic recommendations for the Passenger and Light Truck Global Division CEO concerning the deployment of fuel efficient tire technologies over a long-term horizon.

Terry earned his MBA from Clemson University and holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.   He enjoys spending time outdoors pursuing his main hobbies of mountain biking, hiking and fishing.  He and his wife are currently living in Georgia with their young son.




Why did you apply to the Young Leaders Program? What are you seeking to get out of it? 

The Young Leaders Program provides a unique opportunity to learn and understand the similarities and differences between the French and American cultures through personal interaction with leaders from both countries.  As an American working for a company with its global headquarters in France, this understanding is key for my professional development in order to more effectively connect with the executive leadership who are predominately French.  I look forward to meeting with the other participants, understanding their unique perspectives on topics affecting our countries and I hope to take away many lasting relationships!


What is an interesting fact about you that some people might not know?

I once had the opportunity to fish for salmon on the Niagara River between Niagara Falls and the hydroelectric power stations and the only thing more impressive than the fishing was experiencing firsthand the raw power held in the river’s currents.  To this day I still cannot believe that we managed to avoid all of the whirlpools!


What did you aspire to be when you were young? 

When I was young, I imagined that I would be an inventor.  Although I did not follow this path directly, I have found many ways to express creativity and an innovative spirit in my chosen profession–therefore no regrets!

You are obviously highly accomplished professionally.  What is one mistake you made that was a great learning lesson? 

A key lesson that I learned early in my career is that people are the core of any business and that the best designed machines or systems will only perform at peak levels if the minds and hearts of the people responsible for them are positively engaged.


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