Rokhaya Diallo

March 31, 2014

She is the founder and former president of Les Indivisibles.

Rokhaya Diallo

The French-American Foundation hosted a screening of Les Marches de la Liberté and reception with director, noted journalist, and activist Rokhaya Diallo. In her latest project, Diallo documents ten young Americans visiting France, the historical nation of human rights, to explore the issues of race and multiculturalism through a transatlantic lens. The film looks at the impact of the civil rights movement in each nation and what legacy those historic steps have left on today’s youth. Following the screening of the film, Diallo will discuss the new documentary and her work to promote racial equality and a multicultural society in France and abroad.

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She is the founder and former president of Les Indivisibles, a French organization that uses humor and irony to fight racism and stereotypes, which organized the « Y’a Bon Awards »- a humoristic parody of the Academy Awards that, with a banana skin in the guise of a trophy, “honored” those public personalities (such as politicians, journalists, and artists) who authored the most racist remarks. She is also a board member of ENAR (European network against racism), a EU-wide network of vibrant NGOs in all EU Member States, as well as in Iceland.

Rokhaya is also a journalist working with various media. She is the presenter and co-author of the French television program “Egaux mais pas trop” [“Equal but not too much”], a series of reports about equality and diversity issues in France.  She has been a guest speaker at several conferences in the U.S. and Europe. In March 2010, she has been selected to take part to the International Visitor Leadership Program : invited by the US Department of State, she visits the country on the topic « managing ethnic diversity in the US ».

Member of the 40under40 program that unites 40 European leaders under 40, she is #36 of the Slate Magazine’s Top 100 French most influential women and is one of the 30 most influential Black people in Europe (PowerList by Powerful Media). Rokhaya has been recognized by international NGOs after winning in 2012 the COJEP International Award for her involvement against racism and discriminations. She has also written many books published the last for years. Website :


Video interview with Rokhaya Diallo


What means the title of your documentary “The marches for freedom” and why did you decide to make it in 2013?


How these events changed our history?


Why did you choose to bring 10 Americans Young people to highlight the evolution of racism in France?


What is, in your opinion, the biggest difference between France and the United States when it comes to equality?


What’s the next step in your work?