Response to Notre-Dame

April 16, 2019

We are deeply saddened by the damage to Notre Dame Cathedral that took place yesterday evening in Paris. Our thoughts are with the French community, both in France and elsewhere, and everyone who has been affected by the weight of this shocking event.

The near loss of this iconic cathedral reminds us of the important role of cultural heritage in today’s global landscape. Notre-Dame is both a symbol of France, as a nation whose history and fortitude are captured in the age of this enduring phenomenon, and a testament to a structure’s ability to unite people from different backgrounds at its doorstep. The confluence of spirituality, history, and art has driven countless individuals to visit the cathedral for hundreds of years. The collective energy that admirers have imbued in Notre Dame across generations have created a shared space for cross-cultural dialogue on a global scale that, as we have seen in the last 24 hours, continues to bring people together around a shared sentiment.

Although it has been heartbreaking to watch the fire unfold, we have been inspired and uplifted by the responses. Thank you to the firefighters and police units of Paris for their bravery in managing the fire, to the French government for its dedication to addressing the damage, and to the global community for its efforts to assist in the restauration.

We are dedicated to supporting a transatlantic response to the damage. We encourage any interested members of our community to contact us about ways to get involved.

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