France and the US: Two Interconnected Economies

October 1, 2018

In the News

In addition to their historical and political relationship, France and the United States have established deep economic ties. According to the 2018 France-U.S.A. Economic Report published by The Economic Department of the French Embassy in the United States, bilateral trade and investment flows support growth, jobs, and innovation in both countries. This report highlights, through the use of economic data, the extent of the economic relationship between France and the United States and shows a mapping of the French business footprint state-by-state.

Trade in goods and services between the two countries reached $139 billion in 2017, up 16% from the previous year, with exports and imports close to equilibrium. The report emphasis that every U.S. state participates in these trade flows according to their size and specialization.

Bilateral direct investments are also mutually beneficial. In 2017, new investments by French companies created 47,700 jobs in the United State according to US official data, more than any other country. All industries benefit from bilateral investment, but the U.S. manufacturing sector is the main beneficiary of French FDI. Conversely, U.S. companies were the largest source of job creation through FDI in France in 2017.

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