President Hollande on the Challenges Facing Democracy

November 25, 2019

Policy Breakfast with President François Hollande, November 19, 2019

The French-American Foundation welcomed François Hollande, former President of France and Young Leader from the class of 1996, to speak at a Policy Breakfast on November 19 in New York City. He led a discussion with a group of program participants, board members, and constituents of the Foundation on the challenges to democracy. The breakfast followed the release of his new book on the subject, “Répondre à la crise démocratique.”

President Hollande examined perceptions of democracy as a system of governance around the globe. Focusing on the European Union and the United States, he explored the ways in which it can be used to address domestic and international challenges, the growth of far-right extremism, the influence of international non-democratic actors, and the key threats to maintaining democratic governance.

In addition, the group examined democratic institutions in France and the United States from a comparative perspective. Topics addressed included the roles of French parliament and US Congress, the impact of nostalgia for the past in the contemporary politics, strategies to bridge the left-right political divide, and potential outcomes of the 2020 American elections on France and the European Union.

The Policy Breakfast series provide regular opportunities to discuss transatlantic affairs with experts in politics, business, academia, and more.

Photos credit: Kari Bjorn

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