June 6th, 2013

2013 Annual Gala Dinner

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Starlight Roof at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel
Charles Ferguson, Olivier Zarrouati, Gary Cole, Henri Lachmann, Robert Silvers, Yves-André Istel, Jean-Charles Boisset
Robert Silvers, Yves-André Istel
Jean-Charles Boisset, Gina Gallo, Ioanna Kohler, Charles Kolb
Foundation President Charles Kolb and Chairman Allan Chapin
Robert Silvers, Linda Asher
Landon Rowland, Sarah Rowland
Amy Justman sings the French and American national anthems
String quartet
Foundation President Charles Kolb delivers opening remarks
Ambassador François Delattre
Henri Lachmann accepts the Benjamin Franklin Award as presenter Richard Thoman and Charles Kolb look on
Charles Kolb, Olivier Zarrouati, and Gary Cole, who presented him with the Benjamin Franklin Award
Robert Silvers accepts the Vergennes Award
Charles Kolb, award presenter Yves-André Istel, and Robert Silvers
Charles Kolb, Charles Ferguson, and Sophie L’Hélias-Delattre
Sophie L’Hélias Delattre presents Charles Ferguson with the inaugural Young Leaders Achievement Award
Charles Ferguson accepts the Young Leaders Achievement Award
Charles Kolb and Adam Strum, who presented Jean-Charles Boisset with the French-American Partnership of Excellence Award
Jean-Charles Boisset rouses the audience with a Burgundian wine chant
Jean-Charles Boisset
Charles Kolb and Cleopatra Bauduy watch as Patrick Roux draws for the raffle of Air France tickets to Paris Patrick Roux
Sophie L’Hélias Delattre, Allan Chapin, Anna Rachminov
Pierre-Antony Vastra, Paula Stern
Patrick Egan, Tom Lee, Jean-Charles Boisset, Gina Gallo, René-Pierre Azria
Philip Howard, Charles Ferguson, Mark Shiffrin
Audrey Wolf, William Harrison
Olivier Zarrouati, Antoine Treuille