Henry Sheinkopf

Dr. Henry Sheinkopf is president of Sheinkopf Communication.

Sheinkopf is retained by a wide variety of government and public relations clients and maintains strong relationships with various city, state and federal officials at the highest levels. Sheinkopf Communications serves a wide range of political and public sector clients in diverse industries, including: healthcare, real estate, unions, finance, education, construction, gaming, insurance, and trade associations. Current and former Sheinkopf corporate and non-political clients include Van Wagner Communications, Teamsters Local 237, Elections Systems and Software, Lincoln Equities Group, Verizon, CGI, Sovereign Bank, Met Tel, Blue Cross Blue Shield, First American Title Insurance Company, the New York Restaurant Association, Building Trade Employees Association. Sheinkopf, in a subspecialty, has also consulted for law enforcement organizations in 25 American states.

Dr. Sheinkopf’s opinions are widely sought by media outlets nationally and internationally. He has been cited in the New York Times, Daily News, New York Post, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Examiner, Thomson Reuters, The Jerusalem Post, The Australian Financial Review, France 24, Newsweek, Time, Vanity Fair, BusinessWeek, The Daily Show, ABC World News Tonight, CBS, NBC Nightly News and Fox News. He has been a CNN and Newsmax contributor. Sheinkopf has been the subject of profiles in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New York Daily News and New York Observer. Rabbi Dr. Sheinkopf has been cited in at least 30 books written about international and domestic politics.