“Healthcare Reform: French-American Comparisons”

October 11, 2017

With Victor Rodwin

The French-American Foundation hosted its second meeting of the Transatlantic Forum on Wednesday, October 11. Assembling French and American leaders in business, politics, education, and culture, the Forum provides a space to build transatlantic relationships and examine topics of mutual interest. This meeting featured keynote speaker Victor Rodwin, Professor of Healthcare Policy and Management at the Wagner School of Public Service at NYU. As an expert of public health in France and the US, he led a discussion of healthcare in both countries, a comparison of the two, and the relationship they have to one another.

Professor Rodwin addressed some of the most pressing questions in 21st century healthcare with the addition of a transatlantic perspective. He compared France and the US on topics such as socialization and privatization of health systems; cost and insurance; advances in technology; and healthcare’s relationship to the economy.

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