General Paloméros

March 15, 2022



French-American Foundation – France


French-American Cyber Security Conference


After assuming a national high responsibility as the Chief of French Air Force (2009-2012), General Jean-Paul Paloméros led NATO’s military transformation (2012-2015). As NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) General Paloméros supported the 28 Allied Nations in preparing the future together in terms of military strategy, capability development, education, training and exercises. Ahead of Allied Command Transformation, he developed ambitious plans to increase NATO’s military ef­ficiency and readiness through improved multinational cooperation, reenergized exercise policy and innovation. During his command tour, General Paloméros put a high priority on NATO force’s operational preparation, fostering the synergy between Allied Nations and the cooperation with Partner organizations, nations, with Industry, Science and technology, Universities and many other stakeholders. During more than 10 years within the French Air Force General Paloméros prepared and led major transformations to modernize the French Air Force’s capabilities and organization.

General Paloméros took part in many operations as a ­ ghter pilot, as a staff of­ cer and as Commander in the Balkans and in Africa. In 2011, he was the head of the French Air Force which successfully took a major role in Operations over Libya to protect civilian populations.

General Paloméros has logged more than 4000 ‑ ying hours on ­ ghter jets and took part in 82 combat missions. He graduated from the French Air Force Academy in 1973, and was awarded the Curtis Prize within the 84th Royal Air Force Advanced Staff Course.

General Jean-Paul Paloméros has been elevated to the rank of Great Of­ cer in the “Légion d’Honneur”; he has been elevated recently to the highest rank of Great Cross in the National Order of Merit. He was also awarded the prestigious aeronautics’ medal, the NATO Meritorious Service Medal and many other foreign distinctions.

General Paloméros is Vice Chairman of the French-American Foundation – France and President of the Steering Committee of its Cyber Security Program.