Frank Sensenbrenner

Frank J. Sensenbrenner is a quantitative risk manager with the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission. In this role, he builds mathematical tools to analyze systemic risk in derivatives markets, and participates in examinations of clearinghouses to ensure their risk modeling is robust. He formerly worked in bank risk modelling at the Northern Trust Corporation and, as a management consultant at Deloitte.

His research has been published in a number of academic and practitioner journals, as well as conventional media outlets. He holds a PhD from the University of Sydney in Finance. During his PhD candidature, he was a fellow with the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Center analyzing trends in the world’s securities exchanges, and was co-awarded a grant from the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Foundation to investigate Swedish capital markets.

Dr. Sensenbrenner has long been active in foreign policy circles, serving as a Young Leader at the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue, Germany’s Atlantik Brucke, and the Swiss-American Foundation. He remains engaged with these organizations.