Timothée Memmi

Timothée Memmi is a marketing strategist and innovator who spent the last 12 years developing sustainable brand and business strategies for some of the world’s leading companies.

Timothée has built an expertise in marketing strategy that is fueled by consumer and cultural insights. A true research aficionado, he likes to distill information and frame it in ways that can rally a team or an organization around action.

He received his marketing training in 2004 and 2005 from the New York advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather and the French luxury house Hermès. He moved to New York permanently in 2006 and spent near eight years in innovation consulting at Redscout, conducting cutting-edge research around the world and managing concept development processes for Fortune 500 companies. In his role, he developed an innovation pipeline for PepsiCo’s global carbonated beverage portfolio, a revolutionary new approach to fine writing for Parker pens, and disruptive brand strategies for Aveeno, J&B Scotch, Trident Gum, Domino’s, Nike Tennis, and Chanel.

Timothée joined the French leading luxury spirits firm Remy Cointreau in 2014, where he spent over three years setting-up the Strategy & Insights division for the Americas region, as part of a global transformation effort for the firm to become more client-centric. He participated in a number of cross-functional initiatives for the group, sitting in the global innovation committee, and supporting the design of global marketing tools and employee training.

In 2018, he was appointed Senior Brand Director of Rémy Martin for the Americas, the leading market for the brand. In his new role, Timothée is responsible for leading the strategic development and positioning of the iconic French brand, which leads its price segment in the United States, and grosses over half a billion dollars in revenue annually. He sets the strategy and manages the overall brand performance, manages a team of brand and digital managers, and ensures the execution of events & sponsorships, media placements, public relations, and experiential programs.

Timothée grew up in Paris, France, in a “transatlantic” household. His father translated over 800 of Hollywood’s feature films and series into the French language, exposing him to the English language and American culture from a young age. Timothée’s academic achievement also reflects his multicultural identity. He holds a License in Law from University Paris X and an MBA from Yale School of Management. He made valuable use of his fluencies through his career, often serving as a “bridge” between the French and American cultures in the workplace, helping his colleagues and other stakeholders reach alignment.

Timothée believes in and is committed to continuous learning. In parallel to his corporate career, he has continuously invested in his own development, as well as the development of others. Today, he spends his weekends as a teacher’s assistant, teaching fellow and tutor in Marketing Strategy to MBA students, and he is an active participant in the Luxury Education Foundation’s Master Class, Executive Workshop, and Executive Salon.