Gurpreet Oberoi

Gurpreet is currently Managing Partner at Singh Global LLC in New York.

Gurpreet  focuses on high growth businesses with a global vision as an investor and operator. Gurpreet has raised both debt and equity for VC backed companies and has also done large blocks of private placements for unicorn technology companies. Gurpreet previously held strategic roles with Bank of Montreal, UBS, Macquarie, Credit Suisse and Citigroup on bank-wide digital transformation mandates where he managed large teams and budgets. He has worked on highly visible projects throughout Africa and the Middle East as an operator and financier focused on technology, energy and healthcare.

He started his career at Rice Financial Products where he helped the firm win over $5bln of Senior Managed deals and oversaw the firms derivatives portfolio. He has received a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University and has also attended the London School of Economics.