Camille Moussard

Camille Moussard is a multi-lingual French national whose passion for culture and music led her to obtain a B.A. in Music Business from Berklee College of Music, Boston, shortly after completing a Masters in Business & Marketing from Dauphine University, Paris.

Combining her creative and technical education Camille laid the foundation for a decade of experience working within the digital sector of New York’s music industry. Camille began her career promoting music labels and building key relationships. Since then she has forged hugely profitable partnerships, aided US focused departments achieve international success and collaborated with cross cultural teams from varying business sectors to birth innovation and growth.

Most recently, Camille has worked with TuneCore, the largest global music distributor and publishing administration service. Whilst with TuneCore Inc., Camille utilized her expertise in content monetization and digital rights to found the YouTube monetization department and to generate large profits.

Presently, Camille is the Head of the French Community for Homeis, a social network that helps foreign nationals feel at home when abroad, by connecting, discovering and sharing.